Anti-aging tips: How to slow down skin aging?

Reviewed by Dr. Hun Kim Thao

Skin aging treatment
Almost every woman who visits Grace Skincare Clinic tells us of their desire to slow down their aging process and ask for some anti-aging tips

Almost every woman who visits Grace Skincare Clinic tells us of their desire to slow down their aging process and ask for some anti-aging tips.

We are all afraid of the same thing- fine lines and wrinkles from the aging process replacing the firm skin and our youthful glow.

If you are concerned about aging skin, using an anti-aging product is just NOT enough. The maintenance of healthy skin and prevention of problems is the key of anti-aging tips to delay skin aging and to soften the effects of your skin as you age.

So, if you desire to maintain healthy well-nourished, and supple skin for age-proof, we recommend you the following anti-aging tips and treatments:

Regular Dermatology Visits

Visit your Dermatologist every 6 months for regular check-ups and guidance with your skincare routine. Skin is the largest organ in your body, and it is constantly changing, so regular examinations and ongoing skincare evaluations are essential to maximizing your own natural beauty.

After the age of 25, has your skin started to show fine lines, or does your skin surface look more scaly and tough, and not as youthful anymore? That is premature skin aging.

Many women chose to rejuvenate, to gain healthy youthful skin through micro-needling that results in stimulating collagen and elastin to give the skin a firmer texture and glow.

| Spider veins is developed in a lot of parts of the body such as legs, thighs, etc. So what is the most effective spider vein treatment?

Regular Facial Care For Anti-aging treatment

Monthly or periodic facial care is essential to maintaining healthy youthful skin and preventing the aging process. Don’t wait until it is too late to experience the anti-aging benefits, call Grace Skincare Clinic now for:

skin aging
Monthly or periodic facial care is essential to maintaining healthy youthful skin and preventing the aging process

Skin peels

Wonderful- full of hydroxy acids: fruit, AHA, or BHA peels

At Grace Skincare Clinic we offer three types of chemical peels:

Grace Skincare Clinic’s Dermatologist will check your skin and discuss your desired skin goal. We will next suggest the chemical peel that will provide the optimum skin result for your skin type, skin condition, and desired skin health outcome.

What is a light chemical peel?
A light chemical peel might be the right choice if you have uneven pigmentation, dryness, acne, or fine wrinkling. This kind of peel removes just the outer layer of skin (epidermis) in a light exfoliation and can result in a healthier glow. Common agents used in light peels may include combinations of alpha hydroxy acids and…


Microdermabrasion is a type of sophisticated exfoliation that removes dead skin cells, stimulates new cell development, and leaves the skin looking fresh, smooth, and radiant. The treatment sands away the outer layer of dead and dull skin and the fine line wrinkles.

nurse at grace skincare clinic
At Grace Skincare Clinic, with the high-end and safety equipment, you can be assured your skin is in good hands

Furthermore, microdermabrasion treatments at Grace Skincare Clinic are only offered if our Dermatologist evaluates and recommends them.

Individual treatments are available. While a single treatment can provide advantages, we recommend a series of 5, 10, or 15 sessions at a discounted price to get longer-lasting and more substantial skin health improvements that will leave your skin vibrant, fresh, and beaming.

| The benefits of microdermabrasion acne scar treatment? Acne scars can be very embarrassing, and many people with acne scars assume that they will need to live with them for the rest of their lives. But, it is possible to use microdermabrasion acne scars treatment to help them fade away.

Facial treatments for anti-aging

Our dermatologist, Dr. Hun Kim Thao has designed a 7-step facial care process using all-natural and all organic ingredients (and steam to open your pores) to minimize the impact and to slow down the process of skin aging.

When you turn 25, you may observe fine lines and wrinkles on such skin areas as under your eyes, around your mouth, on your forehead, brown spots on your cheeks, or your skin simply become rougher, does not look fresh and smooth like before. These are the visible indicators of the skin aging process. Aging…

Skin rejuvenation

With many years of experience in the profession, the dermatologists at the clinic will clinically examine and plan a skin rejuvenation treatment suitable for each specific condition.

At Grace Skincare Clinic, we have skin rejuvenation for anti-aging treatment as below:

Laser Toning

Laser Toning gently affects the skin cells in the dermis and dermis, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Thereby helping to strengthen and lift the skin, smooth wrinkles easily.

Laser Laxity

Laser laxity is considered by dermatologists as a “treasure” to help reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin, tighten the skin and restructure the skin gently without surgery.

Laser laxity has a wonderful effect on women of all ages and is incredibly effective when combined with regular skin care with vitamin C, vitamin E and nutrients.

Laser Fotona Er:YAG

The Er:YAG laser represents a complete rejuvenation solution with functions that range from superficial to deep peels, from non-invasive to fully invasive, and from total facial to reconstructive. each specific area.

Derma Roller

Dermatologists at Grace Skincare Clinic will use a medical roller with about 200 needles, to create micro lesions but still not disrupt the structure of the skin.

At the site of injury, fibrin is deposited at the wound edge, it acts as an adhesive that will pull tissues, white blood cells and fibroblasts to gather in the wound. And granulomatous tissue will also form and collagen formation is formed from fibroblasts.

With modern technology and a dedicated and professional medical team, you can be assured that our dermatologist and expert at Grace Skincare Clinic will take care of and help you rejuvenate your skin.

| What are some recommended methods to treat crow’s feet and under eye wrinkles around the eyes area that are safe? At Grace Skincare Clinic, our dermatologists have picked out some ways to improve the appearance of crow’s feet and under eye wrinkles effectively while remaining completely safe to your skin.

Anti-aging tips in lifestyle

If you want to combat skin aging and increase the effectiveness of your anti-aging skin products. Beside these above anti-aging treatments, we also recommend:

Protect your skin from the sun

The most common cause of acceleration in the process of skin aging, as well as premature skin aging, is sun exposure. Always apply a sunblock lotion before stepping out in the sun and avoid long periods of sun exposure. 35+ SPF UVA/UVA broad-spectrum sunblock is ideal.

Quit smoking

This quickens the aging process, causes wrinkles and results in a dull complexion by hampering blood circulation and dehydrating the skin.

Avoid using products that irritate your skin

Avoid using products that irritate your skin by causing itching or stinging sensations. They can cause immense damage to your skin.

When you hide skin issues by using excessive cosmetics, this can only accelerate skin problems and the aging process. Our Dermatologists find many people with compromised skin because of the over abuse of steroids in skincare products. And do anti-aging products really work?

Apply moisturizer to your skin regularly

This keeps the skin hydrated, thereby lending a youthful and supple look to the skin.

Wash your face gently

Excessive rubbing and scrubbing your face can irritate the skin and dehydrate it, thereby accelerating the aging process. Whenever possible, avoid alcohol in your skincare routine.

Follow a healthy and balanced diet

Diet plays a major role in maintaining healthy skin and age-roofing your skin.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables as they contain several antioxidants (such as flavonoids which are a family of chemicals found in plants) and can help fight the overall aging process by neutralizing free radicals throughout the body, not just the skin.

Try to reduce or avoid refined carbohydrates such as white rice, sugar, and white bread as these foods are virtually devoid of nutrients and contain ingredients that can accelerate the aging process.

Exercise regularly

The anti-aging tips also include practice exercises. Cardiovascular exercise improves blood circulation in the body and boosts the immune system, helping retain a youthful glow.

exercise regularly for anti aging
Exercise also has an anti-aging effect thereby slowing down the overall aging process

Avoid drinking alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to skin damage in the long run and make premature skin aging. Alcohol also has a dehydrating effect and can adversely impact liver function and, thereby, the immune system.

Therefore, avoiding drinking too much alcohol is also an anti-aging tip.

Hope this article provides you with information about anti-aging tips.

Do not hesitate to contact Grace Skincare Clinic for medical advice if you need support as well as treatment for aging skin problems, our medical team is always ready to assist you.

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Lencci Tran

0-09-2019 "I would love to thank Dr. Hun Kim Thao and her amazing staffs for helping me through a skin improving journey over an almost year while I was staying in HCM. I received acne facial and peel every other week and the service was superb! Each procedure was well explained and Dr.Thao was very attentive. I loved her holistic way of approach to improve patient's skin. Not only she prescribed very effective acne gel but also shared great tips such as reducing the amount of simple carb intake, cutting down sugar, and most importantly highlighting the importance of getting enough sleep. She even recommended a well known doctor in town who could help me with my sleeping problem. In addition, the price was very reasonable and I was very happy with all the service I got from Grace Skin Clinic. Oh Dr. Thao even asked her staff to make me a cup of tea one day as she she thought I looked overly exhausted. I was very moved. How warm hearted she is! I will definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to check up their skin and improve their skin. Amazing place!"

Youngjoo Shin – Expat living in HCM 

This place is amazing; they help me improve my terrible skin condition which had affected my identity, and my confidence for many years. I have been visiting Grace Clinic during summer time for the past two years, and every time I am here, they create a different program in order to fit my skin condition and my limited time. Furthermore, people from Grace Clinic always greet me with warm hearts. They once invited me to have boba tea with them which made me no longer feel like a customer but a friend which it has created a friendship overtime. I cannot stress how highly I would recommend this place. Again, they are amazing and very professional. There is one thing, you can do walk-in just fine but it would be better if you schedule the appointment so they can prepare and create the best service for you.

An Nguyen – HCMC University Student (Overseas)

I absolutely love the ladies of Grace Skincare. I was staying in Saigon for 6 months and came here with acne and a congested skin from my travels. So happy I found them! Their prices are reasonable compared to other “expat” clinic that I went to. I bought the 10 facial package for a really good price and am really happy with the result of my skin after following all of their consultations. Acne has cleared up and now we’re focusing on my other skin concerns such as dark spots and hyperpigmentation. I highly recommend this clinic. They truly want you to walk out with skin you feel confident in. I’m going to miss this place and the ladies I got to connect with during my time here.   Amazing results · Expert facials · Great deals · Professional products ·Licensed skin care professional · Experienced skin care professionals

Deanna Hong – HCMC, Yoga Instructor

Hey guys it’s been 3 weeks since we came for our treatment. I can honestly say it’s the best I have had done.  Andrew and I look fresh without being overdone. We both had people say how refreshed we look after our holiday. Honestly they wouldn’t be saying that if they knew how much beer and yummy Vietnamese food we consumed when we were there. I can honestly say Andrew and I will be back. And I am telling all my friends how fantastic you guys are and how professional the consultation was. I have yet to find someone in Australia who is so thorough. Thank you, Kylie

Ms Kylie, HCMC, tourist

I had a acne treatment here last month and now it's improved a lot. I must say that this place is very professional, modern equipment, especially the thoughtful doctor! I'm impressed!  

Ms Nana, HCMC, tourist

Grace Skincare Clinic has a great and friendly service and that have a centrally located clinic. I highly recommend them!

Alexis Linh Ly, HCMC- Business Owner

The owners are wonderful people. I had a good experience and can sincerely and highly recommend everything about Grace Skincare Clinic!

Sandra Menhart – New York, NY, Visiting Profesor

I was so embarrassed with the scars and pigmentation marks on my face. These are from old sports injuries and harsh products on my legs from childhood accidents. I am fed up with using so much concealer makeup on my face and am never able to wear a skirt with confidence. I heard about the Grace Skincare Clinic pigmentation lightening treatment from a friend.  I took 6 treatments & used skincare product as Dr. Thao  instructed  and now my skin is beautiful and permanently clear. It was worth every penny.

Laura May

as Tet is coming, I highly recommend this place for a weekend retreat, skin detoxing or even an urgent package to soothe and smooth your skin. I got back my healthy skin after just 02 week following the instruction of Dr Thao Hun and it cost me 200,000 for medical consultation fee only. Wonderful!

Ms.Uyen, Ho Chi Minh City
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